Customade Group is prepared for the new building regulations, which come into effect on Wednesday 15th June.

With the impact of climate change there is not only a need to ensure the homes of the UK are warm, energy efficient and provide exceptional thermal performance, but that they are also well ventilated for cleaner, cooler air.

In the shift towards a Future Buildings Standard, the government has introduced a range of changes to the Building Regulations for England, including a mandatory 30 per cent cut in carbon for all new homes and a 27 per cent cut for other buildings, including offices and shops.

Changes to Part L and Part F of the Building Regulations in England are being introduced on the 15th June 2022, to ensure all new building applications and renovation projects are on-spec for thermal efficiency, energy efficiency and ventilation capability.

Approved Document L and Approved Document F will outline the criteria required for domestic, non-domestic, new-build and renovation project buildings. Part L focuses on the energy efficiency levels and the thermal performance of the building, set to reduce the impact on fuel usage, whilst Part F focuses on the ventilation performance, which can be as simple as how many windows can open within a property, to minimising the ingress of external pollutants and the proper installation of ventilation systems.

Each business within the group affected by the changes to the building regulations has produced guidance in line with the Glass and Glazing Federation’s recommendations and has made it available to download and use.

  • Polyframe – a downloadable guide document outlining how Rehau and Duraflex profile systems will reach compliance
  • Virtuoso Doors – read our downloadable guide
  • REAL Aluminium – a guide for the complete aluminium window and door ranges
  • Atlas Roof Solutions – downloadable guidance on minimum glass specification for roof lanterns