Customade Group has welcomed Glen Sabin as Executive Chairman and confirmed Nick Roberts as CEO as part of a restructuring of the senior management team across the group.

Glen joins the business from FTSE 250 company Polypipe (recently renamed Genuit Group) where he was COO, and has extensive experience working in construction product manufacturing, having previously held key roles at Marshalls.

Nick Roberts, appointed as CEO of Customade Group in January, has been leading the assessment and reorganisation of the group as its businesses look to adapt and build following on from the Nimbus acquisition. Nick has appointed a new senior management team from people within the business and established a new divisional structure with more opportunity for collaboration and communication.

Nick Roberts, CEO, Customade Group comments: “Since Nimbus bought the Customade Group, a thorough review of the Group and its core businesses has been undertaken. We needed to get an honest assessment of the strengths of the Group, of which there are many, and the key areas for improvement. We now have a holistic view of the companies within the group and will begin to implement the changes we hope will give people the opportunity to improve their departments and businesses.

“The senior management team has been chosen from within the business to bring continuity and stability and there is a great ambition and drive to move the business forward, demonstrated by the hard work everyone is putting in, to take this company to the next level.”